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Excellent basketball skills

FC hot blood basketball skills

2022-06-25 22:27Excellent basketball skills
Summary: How does FC hot blood basketball release the must kill skillHot blooded basketball must kill ball serving method: jump must kill ball (jump must): jump must be a must kill ball served in the air. Some
How does FC hot blood basketball release the must kill skill
Hot blooded basketball must kill ball serving method: jump must kill ball (jump must): jump must be a must kill ball served in the air. Some theories say that "when you jump to the highest point and press B, you can send out a must kill ball", which is wrong. Whether the jump will be issued or not has nothing to do with the altitude, but only with the time when the single engine B is pressed and held in the air. If properly controlled, jumpFC hot blooded basketball and football move script cannot be released
I have never played football in basketball: before using the big move, you should first adjust the difficulty of the game to be easy. Then press a and B together with the big move. At this time, the character will jump up. Press B before the character falls to the ground, and then you can play the move. As for hooking up, you also need to use the buttons a FC hot blood basketball skillsand BFC version of the blood basketball how to put skills
わざ (skill list) interface: in the menu interface called "skill list", you can see the skill name and starting method of each role, press the direction key to select the role, and press the a key to exit. The above figure shows the skill of force, which translates as follows: a key... MachpunchFC hot blood basketball hitting skills
Hold the trash can or other things to rotate and hit people →→ B (press firmly), that is, press and hold the pitcFC hot blood basketball skillshing button while runningFind all kinds of k-man must kill secrets for FC hot blood basketball
Secret script of hot blooded basketball skills: the reverse must kill skill in the air. The specific operation is to press the direction key immediately after jumping up and pressing a or B. At this time, although the air must kill skill is moving forward, it will become a reverse attack judgment. The enemy who was originally attacked forward will be attacked backward (such as the air must kill skill of the five generations)FC hot blood basketball how to serve various skill balls
A key: fist. It is the pass key when holding the basketball. Pick up objects and throw objects at people. During single challenge, press the a key continuously to designate teammates to execute specific instructions. Key B: foot. When holding the basketball, it is the shooting button. Hold it down to prepare for shooting, and release the basketball. Pick up items and throw items at the hoopFC blood basketball script
After you get the ball and start, step 5 immediately press J. 100% is a must kill dunk. Keep holding J under the basket. Press WFC hot blood basketball skillsSWs is the highest ad, which is the lowest ad. you can also dunk under your basket. Only 2 places can fly very high ~ ~ adopt me, FC hot blood basketball God. Hey heyFC hot blood basketball how to throw the ball to the third basket (not a must kill, not a dunk.)
The first button is the highest Blue Cross. Jump a little farther, and then press and hold the shooting button + control button to reach the highest. As for the second button, it is operated like the first one, but it is flexible and difficultAsk for the full attribute password of FC hot blood basketball
E22e12 has a full attribute in it. It's fun to play with full attributes and won't fall to the ground. I tried to win the Mariners by 353 points and the monks by 311 points! 241042, singles, only played two teams, and got two full matches. There are many teams behind that can slowly abuse. FC hot blood basketball role skills:
How to serve stunt ball in FC hot blood basketball
Dear players, must kill in running: shoot when dribbling about 3~4 times during running (skill: listen to the sound). Jump must kill: related to the key pressing time. When you press button B for a long time in the air, you can throw the third basket. If you press button B lightly, it is a normal shot. Then the one between the three baskets and the general shot is a must kill
FC hot blood basketball skills

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