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Excellent basketball skills

Basketball pitching skills not mentioned here

2022-06-24 09:04Excellent basketball skills
Summary: How to play basketball backwardThe backward jump shot mainly depends on the strength of the waist and abdomen. When shooting, it mainly uses the strength of the wrist and fingers There are two ways to
How to play basketball backward
The backward jump shot mainly depends on the strength of the waist and abdomen. When shooting, it mainly uses the strength of the wrist and fingers There are two ways to practice waist and abdomen strength. One is sit ups. I won't talk about it here. That is to practice abdomen strength As for waist strength, the landlord can try this method: you lie on the bed with your abdomen on the edge of the bed and ask your family to hold your feetHow to make a backward jump shot, how to make a force and aim in basketball
Aim: aim at the moment of taking off at the highest height, and the start of shooting is also the start of the fall of the human body. The backward jump shot is a shooting skill developed by Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and other superstars who began to decline in their physical fitness in their career and could not continue to play in the airHow to practice the backward shooting in basketball
There will be a lot of backward shooting in the NBA. For those players who are playing in the NBA, their physical quality and basic skills are of the world-class level, so they often make backward shooting in the game. This action can maximize your shotHow to practice backward leaning in basketball
If you want to exercise your waist and abdomen strength, you have to do sit ups. Once you have trained your waist and abdomen strength, you can use your waist and abdomen strength and my arm strength to do a backward jump shot. At the beginning of the practice, the distance should not be too far, and the distance should be increased bit by bit
How to practice leaning back
/v_ playlist/f2781692o1p11. HTML and more detailed shooting training and shooting skills, please click http://baike.baidu.com/view/225325.html?wtp=tt There are many kinds of jump shots. There are many kinds of jump shots. The simplest one is the base jump shot, which also gives rise to the emergency stop jump shot, the backward jump shot and the shooter's shotIn basketball, it's too difficult to turn and tilt back the jump shot. It's just that the shot always misses after turning around, and the tilt back and guide
Doing barbell squats on the legs can enhance strength. Just do sit ups on the front and back of the waist. If you practice boring today, you will feel sore the next day. In addition, shooting needs to be accurate. The backward facing jump shot belongs to the shooting in motion, which is different from the fixed-point shooting. Therefore, if you want to be accurate, you need to practice oftenHow to play basketball backward
IBasketball pitching skills  not mentioned heref you are leaning back normally, it is difficult. You must have good physical fitness, or you may be injured. It requires absolutely good waist and abdomen strength, arm strength and stagnation force. You can start from the ordinary jump shot, jump up, stop in the air, and try to jump up when you are proficient, with your body weight backHow to practice backward shooting
Then how can you get the right shot?? But some friends will say that if I don't kick my legs and arch my waist, I can't throw the basket at all. What should I do? The solution is actually very simple That is, we should get rid of the problem of pursuing the high and the far, and adhere to the principle of "from far to near, from easy to difficult, from simple to complex" when practicing shootingHow to practice the backward jump shot
According to statistics, 80% of Jordan's career scores come from the backward jump shot. And after Michael Jordan, Kobe has learned most of his signature skills, and his backward jump shot is just as inexplicable. Use of backward jump shot: in the process of dribbling and moving, stop to catch a teammate's pass and jump up quickly and shoot backward. TransportationHow to practice backward shooting in basketball
In modern basketball, being taller, stronger and faster is the foundation for a foothold on the court. Many excellent athletes are different from ordinary people in talent. They combine height, flexibility and speed. How can we amateur players generally beat our opponents in bullfights? We only have to practice skills. Let me talk about my years of playing and leaning back
Basketball pitching skills not mentioned here

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