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Excellent basketball skills

7-year-old boy practises basketball skills let children like basketball

2022-06-24 07:11Excellent basketball skills
Summary: Fast basketball training method for childrenThe first step for children to receive amateur basketball training is to make them like basketball and cultivate their interest in basketball through games.
Fast basketball training method for children
The first step for children to receive amateur basketball training is t7-year-old boy practises basketball skills  let children like basketballo make them like basketball and cultivate their interest in basketball through games. In the 4-year-old age group (small class), we can arouse children's interest in basketball by playing ball. At the age of 5-6, you can accept the most basic basketball training. IISeek professional guidance!!! My son is seven years old. I want to start teaching him to play basketball and ask for professional guidance. What should I do
Dribbling (a seven-year-old child just takes a racket), arm strength (which directly affects shooting), speed + movement (it is recommended to practice sprinting), physical fitness (I won't say this, which affects playing time), layup (the child's strength is poor)
What are the skills of children's basketball training
(1) Small ball passing through the cave: the child stands, opens his feet a little wider than his shoulder, bends down, bends his knees a little, puts the ball in front of him, and uses his fingers and wrists to move the basketball through his feet, just like writing an eight character, pulling it back and forth. Alternate left and right hands. (2) Bend, squat and pull the ball: children squat downWhat are the knowledge and skills for children to learn basketball
The footwork techniques of basketball training and competition, including basic standing posture, starting, running, jumping, emergency stop, turning, sliding step, attack step and other action technical specifications. Basic standing posture of basketball players should always maintain a stable and mobile standing posture on the court. The two feet are open back and forth (or left and right), the same width as the sho7-year-old boy practises basketball skills  let children like basketballulder, and the two knees are bentHow can pupils practice basketball well
2: Have basketball talents (jumping, bouncing speed, height, speed, skills, etc.) for example: big bug, Rodman (he is not tall, bouncing is also average, but he has a super good consciousness! His catch-up skills are very popular in the NBA... It can be regarded as predictive ability) 3: targeted training, such as you want to develop in the interiorWhat are the ways for children to learn basketball skills
The so-called racket is also known as dribbling in basketball. Common dribbles are divided into high dribble, low dribble, forward change dribble and emergency stop dribble. First: the high dribble is generally used for fast dribble in advance without defensive obstruction. When dribbling, his legs are slightly bent and his eyes are levelWhat are the playing skills of children in the process of learning basketball
When children learn basketball, they should teach them to play the ball step by step. For example, they should play the ball with one hand, take turns with their left and right hands, and play the ball while walking. Finally, they should learn to change the form of playing the ball. The method of holding the ball is wrong, and it is easy for their fingers to poke the ball. It is recommended to find a professional place to learn basketball, and professional guidance can help them form good habitsWhere should we start to train children aged 7-12 in basketball
While teaching the technical movements to the child, don't forget to practice the child's physical quality (jumping speed, strength and flexibility) and let him help his mother do more housework, such as rope skipping (fancy) and reverse running. For a 7-12-year-old child, these are enough to lay a solid foundation for his future basketball skillsWho can tell me some training methods of children's Enlightenment basketball
Skill training process: initial stage: 1. Improve courage 2. Squat exercise 3. Step exercise 4. Protect exercise 5. Clap the ball with the right hand 6. Clap the ball with the left hand 7. Cross clap the ball with both hands 8. Press the leg 9. Stretch the ligament 10. Bounce 11. Shoot posture and skills 12. Shoot 13. Explain the basketball rules 14. Turn backCan a seven year old learn basketball
Of course, seven year olds can learn basketball. Physical exercise should start from an early age. Children's interests that can be cultivated from an early age should also be exercised. But we should pay attention to the following problems; Moderation. The intensity should not be too high. 7-year-old children should pay attention to safety. Wear knee pads, wristbands, etc. to avoid injury
7-year-old boy practises basketball skills let children like basketball

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