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Excellent basketball skills

Common passing skills in NBA basketball such as fake dribble

2022-06-30 14:02Excellent basketball skills
Summary: The skill of playing basketballSecondly, learn all kinds of technical movements of dribbling and passing. "Dribble passing" such as fake dribble, cross dribble, change hands dribble, stop dribbl
The skill of playing basketball
Secondly, learn all kinds of technical movements of dribbling and passing. "Dribble passing" such as fake dribble, cross dribble, change hands dribble, stop dribble, turn dribble, etc. Most people are already dribbling, but their dribCommon passing skills in NBA basketball  such as fake dribblebling skills are not good, so they can't cross. Among all kinds of actions, it is easiest to stop and walk againWhat are the skills of shaking people in basketball
1. Raise the ball and pretend to shoot, then break through quickly 2. bouncing your feet and shaking people means that the other party is defending you in front of you. Shake your body left and right once, and then accelerate the breakthrough. 3. fake turning. If you turn from the right, first pretend to turn right to take a step to the left, and then turn back to accelerate the turning from the right. These three must be acceleratedWhat are the key points of playing basketball and making breakthroughs
2. To be able to run and jump, breakthrough is in the final analysis an individual's work, physical quality is the cornerstone, and to reflect quickly, good mobility, changes in the situation on the court, often 0.1 seconds of reaction and speed determine whether you can take the lead. Kung Fu is spent at ordinary times. When basketball becomes a part of your body, you are a masterHow do you play basketball
It seems that your problem is that when one-on-one, one-on-one thinking requires high basic skills. First, your dribble is good. The most basic thing is that the other hand is not too different from the commonly used hand. The basic requirement is that both hands can dribblCommon passing skills in NBA basketball  such as fake dribblee and change direction; In fact, your body coordinCommon passing skills in NBA basketball  such as fake dribbleation is goodExplanation of passing skills in playing basketball
Here are the basketball passing skills: 1. Cross step breakthrough [action method] take the right foot as the central foot as an example. Two feet left and right, two knees slightly bent, body weight reduced, between the ball and chest and abdomen. When making a breakthrough, quickly push the inside of the front sole of the left foot, turn the body slightly to the right, press the left shoulder forward, and move the center of gravity forward to the rightSimple, practical and easy to learn skills of basketball
It's very simple. I'm a guard. The most important thing for you to play basketball is to dribble well. Don't look at the ground. Look at the other side 1 If the opponent is too far away from you, you can shoot the basket directly 2. the other party is not far away from you. You can take advantage of your teammates' work or passWhat are the outstanding skills in playing basketball
Go fast and pass people. Go fast and pass people. Of course, you want to change the speed and direction. The change speed is to stop before walking, and the change direction is to change the forward direction. The most important keys of these two movements are whether the leg muscle strength is sufficient and whether the feet are bent. The first one is about the technology of emergency stopNBA passing skills
Step 5: again, it is the same as changing hands to dribble through people. It is also as crisp as cutting tofu with a knife. Step 6: when you see someone defending under the basket, step on the "brake" with your right foot, step on your left foot next to your right foot, and bend your knees into a shooting position. Step 7: take a jump shot after a sudden stop. It's stipulated in the basketball rulesHow to play basketball
Or you can push his hand away, or you can tap his hand, so it is not foul (remember, never push your body, it will cause offCommon passing skills in NBA basketball  such as fake dribbleensive foul!) In fact, it's very simple. You can search how some good NBA guards dribble to their defenders and see how their hands protect the ball doWhat are some tips for playing basketball
The best skill to use in playing basketball, I think, is a breakthrough. In a word, it is nothing more than accelerating and changing direction. But the foundation of breakthrough is basic skills. It can't be said that you can make a breakthrough. When people pass by, the ball is gone, and then they practice more. Everyone has their own habitual movements. This is muscle memory. In other words, it is a subconscious movement
Common passing skills in NBA basketball such as fake dribble

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