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Excellent basketball skills

Dribbling skills of Beijing Basketball left heel slightly

2022-06-26 20:21Excellent basketball skills
Summary: What is the distance between hoopsBasketball around the bar action skills: when dribbling with the right hand, the right foot is in front of and behind the left foot, and the right toe is one foot awa
What is the distance between hoops
Basketball around the bar action skills: when dribbling with the right hand, the right foot is in front of and behind the left foot, and the righDribbling skills of Beijing Basketball  left heel slightlyt toe is one foot away from the starting line. Bend your knees to lower your center of gravity, with your center of gravity on your right leg and your left heel raised slightly, ready to kick off at any time. The right hand is on the ball, and the left hand is on the side to protect the ball. The ball cannot cross the line, and the two arms bend naturally. Run around the pole halfwayHigh school entrance exam 1000 meters, basketball running around the pole, solid ball skills
I personally think that the mentality of the 1000 meters is very important. I must relax, and then find a goal to run with. 20 days of basketball dribbling practice is enough. There's no skill in this. Shoot hard! There is more than enough time for the exam. Remember to use your waist to throw a solid ball forwardHow can basketball go around the bar faster
(3) Basketball dribbling skills that reduce the number of dribbles. Straight line racing dribbling practice. This exercise mainly focuses on the technical actions of "pushing the ball forward" and "reducing force, buffering and sticking the ball". Comprehensively exercise and improve students' straight-line dribbling speed and ball control ability by running more than 2 steps each time. Enhance the ball control ability of the palm and wrist and the common ability of the footHow to practice basketball dribbling around the pole
First: cross step marked by the runway line and alternate dribble with left and right hands (emphasis: downward active force, upward buffer force reduction. It is difficult to complete this exercise quickly if you do not pay attention to this link). Second: a set of combined exercises combining group exercises and individual exercises: group exercises, forming a column at an interval of three metersHow can the basketball go around the pole stably and quickly
If you want to be stable, slowing down is the most effective way. There is no shortcut to be fast and stable. You can only practice more! I have Dribbling skills of Beijing Basketball  left heel slightlya way to reduce the number of dribbles and increase the time for the ball to be controlled by the mobile phone, if your skills are OK. For example, you used to run three steps with the ball once, but now you run five steps with the ball onceBasketball dribble around the pole shooting skills
There are two important points in dribbling around the club. First, you should be skilled in both hands. Second, you should be proficient in dribbling around the club. You must take the right step. The third step is to return the dribble. You should step out about 40-60cm above the diagonal of the club. When shooting, you should use the strength of your wrist, the bottom step of your palm and the basketHow to practice basketball around without markers
Step 4: step on the front side of the sign pole with your right foot or slightly surpass it, and buckle your toes inside. The importance of turning is that it can effectively help the rapid start and connection of the return round. It requires 4 steps and 2 dribbles to complete the turn. Attention when turning: bend down, bend knees, lower the center of gravity, and try to stick the sDribbling skills of Beijing Basketball  left heel slightlyhoulder to the pole to complete the fourth turnFour step method of basketball dribbling skills
Four steps of basketball dribbling and pole circling skills: Step 1: lower the center of gravity. Without looking at the ball, first practice the right hand dribbling in place, and then practice the left hand dribbling in place. Step 2: use the power of the wrist to dribble left and right in front of the body with one hand. Similarly, dribble back and forth on one side of the body. Pay attentionWhat are the skills of basketball dribbling around the bar
First of all, we should cultivate our own dribbling feel. We can practice more crotch dribbling. In addition, we should practice more left and right hands. If the left hand is not proficient, it will affect the speed of dribbling around the poleHow to improve the basketball dribble performance
Control with the left hand, drive the body to turn left and step forward with the right leg. Pass the pole smoothly. The distance is short and the movement is small. You can slowly experience the rhythm and then speed up. S curve bar: the distance is longer than the straight bar. When walking in a straight line, try to dribble with one hand. When there is still one step from the bar, the action of passing the bar is the same as that of the straight bar
Dribbling skills of Beijing Basketball left heel slightly

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