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Durant's basketball skills at the age of 21

2022-06-27 00:09Basketball pitching skills
Summary: What are Durant's five recordsDurant, the youngest scoring king, also has the advantage of age. At the age of 21, Durant's basketball strength has been very stable. At the age of 21, Durant gave
What are Durant's five records
Durant, the youngest scoring king, also has the advantage of age. At the age of 21, Durant's basketball strength has been very stable. At the age of 21, Durant gave himself the best gift. He became the youngest scoring champion in league history. Almost no one can break this record. Jordan, who was originally canonized by others, has become a GodBasketball wants to learn Durant's pitching posture ~! Ask the great gods to teach ~
Why should I learn his shooting posture? Everyone has his own way of getting used to, find his own way of shooting, follow his feelings, or he won't get in! Mainly basic trainingAs a basketball Xiaobai, how to master basic basketball skills in one month
This ability can take you anywhere you want on the court. How do beginners get started playing basketball? This is usually a small man's advantage, but no matter how tall, skillful dribble is always good. If a person who is 1.9 meters tall can dribble like 1.7 meters, he will be a very strong opponentHow to learn Durant's crotch dribble
Why do you want to learn from Durant? A bunch of people in the NBA are better than Durant's Cross dribble! Why do you want to learn from Durant? It's not better to cross the dribble in your own way! The dribbling saying that there are many skills is false. In fact, it means that you keep practicing the racket, and the hand, foot, shoulder and center of gravity and angle cooperate in all kinds of ways, and keep shootingDurant's shot point is very high. How to cover Durant's shot
Durant took two big steps. Durant's long wings made it difficult to block shots, which could ensure a higDurant's basketball skills  at the age of 21h hit rate. If you are 190 in height, slow in speed and stable in shooting, you can also kill all parties by playing a group of 170+ in the field. On the basketball court, height and speed are absolute justice. If you are not tall, no one moves fastDuDurant's basketball skills  at the age of 21rant's training isDurant's basketball skills  at the age of 21 extremely hard. Is this the important reason why he became a superstar
God rewards hard work. Durant's hard training is inseparable from his becoming a superstar. Durant began to show his basketball talent when he was a child. In the process of being sent by his mother to practice basketball, he once wasted some time and did not show the ability of a basketball genius until he realized his mother's good intentions and began to train hardWhen playing basketball, what skills can be learned from excellent players
James and Durant are role models. James set up many middle schools in his hometown Akron and raised a lot of money to help poor children there afford to go to school. During the off-season, they will also take time to visit children in remote areas, donate money to them, and give them signed shoes and signed basketballHow talented is Durant in basketball? How outstanding is his height and arm span
Many talented players in the world are in the league, but we all know that since so many talented players come together, there will be very different players. And they are all playing for the nets, which will be reimbursed at the same time this season. Speaking of the nets, it's a bit unlucky. Originally, the nets thought Durant was reimbursed, but Owen followed closelyHow did Durant, who once lDurant's basketball skills  at the age of 21ost the 84kg bench press, practice his strength the day after tomorrow
ā€¯However, Yi Jianlian and Durant were in the same year. At that time, they could do 6 bench press, less than 10 at most. Yi Jianlian could still have several bench press, but Durant, our top ranked player, could not do any of them. Durant's arms were so thin at that time! However, it is undeniable that Durant's strength is realHow does Durant play basketball
And breakthrough layups, Durant's technology is becoming more and more mature. It can be said that Durant is the best player in the League at present. The height of the center and the ball control skills and scoring ability comparable to those of the guard, plus the efficient cooperation with the warriors. Let Durant's basketball career improve again
Durant's basketball skills at the age of 21

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