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Basketball passing skills

Basketball cross dribble skills coordinated change of hands

2022-06-26 00:52Basketball passing skills
Summary: Basketball Teaching: how much do you know about these skills of crotch dribblingAction points: press the upper right side of the ball, the ball passes between the legs, and the step up and hand change
Basketball Teaching: how much do you know about these skills of crotch dribbling
Action points: press the upper right side of the ball, the ball passes between the legs, and the step up and hand change should be coordinated. Easy to make mistakes: the crotch dribble hit place is too front or too back, and the coordination between hands and feet is not coordinated. Correction method: dribble under the hip in place and slowly, and gradually accelerate the dribble practice. Dribble practice method:
How does basketball practice crotch dribbling
Join the crotch dribble in place. Move the ball in front of the body to make full contact with the hands, and then immediately join and cross to improve the ball feeling and better connecBasketball cross dribble skills  coordinated change of handst the movements 10 The continuous crotch cross dribble is the same as the above one. Draw the figure 8, but you can dribble at a uniform speed after subtracting the dribble at the knee for 30 secondsBasic points and movements of crotch cross step dribble
After getting familiar with it, gradually reduce the range of motion; Finally, you can change your steps after one crotch dribble (that is, cross step), and then change your steps after crotch dribble, so you can practice circularly. As for the hand feeling, you can master it yourself in practice. This can't be taught. It's best to pay attention to dribbling and try not to look at the ball with your eyesCrotch dribble skills
Because compared with slow practice, fast action does not adjust the pause of dribble. This means that you only have a very skilled rhythm and feel to do this action very completely. Since the crotch dribble advanced practice is a simple action, it can be added with other things to enhance the lethalityHow to practice basketball crotch dribble
Step 4: the center of gravity gradually increases, and the range also gradually increases. Pay attention to the power when dribbling, and gradually increase with the range (the same as the back dribbling method). Step 5: after one leg crotch is skilled, start cross crotch practice, and the footwall must be stable. Step 6: at this time, the original movement is finished and starts to moveWhat is the hip dribble of basketball and how to learn it well
Practice with one hand after getting familiar with the other. Step 3: the left and right hands cross dribble in front of the body, and then cross dribble behind the body. Step 4: practice crotch dribble, first step forward with the left foot, bounce the ball from the cross to the left hand with the right hand, and then bounce the ball back to the right hand along the original path with the left hand. The action is the same after changing feet and handsHow to practice crotch dribbling in basketball
You can enter the training of these four basic dribbles. The most important thing to pay attention to in these four basic dribble exercises is the sense of rhythm. In addition, with the deepening of the practice, you should speed up the movement as much as possible. After mastering and using these four basic dribbles, I believe your breakthrough has become very easy. BasketballHow much do you know about the basic basketball teaching and crotch dribbling skills
Practice in place. Step 5: practice the cross down dribble between marching. At the beginning, practice the straight line along the sideline, then the curve, and then imitate the scene in the game when someone is defending. As for how your body reacts natBasketball cross dribble skills  coordinated change of handsurally with the movement of your opponent, you can only grope repeatedly in practiceKey points of basketball crotch dribble
Master the basic posture: the crotch dribble should be in a good posture, and the two legs should be separated from each other. Squat down slightly, keep your upper body straight, and do not lower your head; Grasp the landing point of basketball: the landing point of basketball should be appropriate when dribbling under the crotch. It should be directly below the thigh. If you deviate from this pBasketball cross dribble skills  coordinated change of handsosition, it is easy for the basketball to hBasketball cross dribble skills  coordinated change of handsit the legWhat skills do you have for crotch dribbling in basketball? What should we pay attention to
Crotch dribbling refers to dribbling through the crotch in the process of dribbling, making it difficult for the opponent to steal. It is a very effective way of dribbling. The first step of the simple method of dribbling + cross dribbling: lower the center of gravity. Without looking at the ball, first practice the right hand dribbling in place, and then practice the left hand dribbling in place. Step 2: pull the force by the strength of the wrist, single
Basketball cross dribble skills coordinated change of hands

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