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Anthony's common basketball skills the first move is now common

2022-06-24 06:10Basketball passing skills
Summary: What is Carmelo Anthony's unique skill in the NBAThere are only two moves. The first move is very common now. There is no blind spot in the shooting spot. The second move was common in the past, bu
What is Carmelo Anthony's unique skill in the NBA
There are only two moves. The first move is very common now. There is no blind spot in the shooting spot. The second move was common in the past, but now there may not be one at all. It is a washing machine swing. There are two kinds of turning methods. The first one is still in use. It is a 2-sided back turn followed by a backward facing jump shot. The second one is a left-sided face boxWhat are the common moves in NBA
Now Anthony is the most comprehensive player in the NBA in terms of offensive skills, so let me tell you about Anthony's common moves. 1. The most commonly used moves in high position singles are the trial step. After the trial step, you can directly pull out the jump shot, or make a direct breakthrough. You can also make a one-step jump shot in the positive and negative directions. 2. The most commonly used moves in low position back singles are the turn over jump shotAnthony's shooting is where to throw, how to shoot, how not to interfere with the ball with his left hand, ask the expert to answeAnthony's common basketball skills  the first move is now commonr_ Baidu knows
You can practice shooting with one hand, that is, only holding the ball with your right hand to shoot. It should be noted that the ball should be pulled out with your index finger at the end of the shot, so that there is a backward rotation movement in the basketball shooting process. After feeling, hold the left side of the basketball with your left hand to stabilize the ball. Leave the ball and shoot with your right hand the moment before you take the shot. StationWhat are the four skills of sweeping the ball when playing basketball
If we encounter a defender with strong blocking ability, we can use a rondo fake action after using the cross step to break through, to point the defender who flies to the opposite side, and then we turn around to score the ball. The fourthWho can tell me how Anthony of the Knicks plays
Anthony's early scoring methods were mainly breakthrough and shooting. With the extension of his career, he used more shooting, but it's understandable that he shot accurately. In the Knicks, Anthony basically deviated from the tactics, and he could not adapt to Lin's crazy period last season. Let's put it this way, he is a very good basketball superstarCharacteristics and shortcomings of Carmelo Anthony's playing style
Carmeloanthony (may29,1984 -) was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is an American professional basketball player and a professional small forward. He plays for the New York Knicks in the NBA. In the 2003 NBA draft conference, the third place in the first round was selected by the Denver Nuggets. As a member of the American dream teamAnthony's main scoring method
Introduction to Anthony's attack on march1,2010 Beijing time according to the Denver Post, Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony has more offensive moves than any player in the league, which is also an important factor contributing to his average of nearly 30 points per game. If basketball match is compared to chess match, Anthony is a chess masterWhat's Anthony's trick
Anthony led Syracuse to the championship at the age of 18 After joining the NBA, he became a rare low position small forward in the league with his body advantage and first-class basketball skills Although he would shoot indiscriminately when he was killed, countless teams were killed by him at the critical moment Defense is not excellent, but with strong body, it can also be regarded as a physical advantageWhat is Anthony's must kill skill in NBA
Anthony's strong shooting skills, quick shooting speed, strong body, and the ability to create space, coupled with the breakthrough threat and passing that can not be underestimated, all of these make Anthony a great success of the trial step jump shot. This basic basketball move has been refined into a killing move that sweeps the league. He has not changed like Kobe BryantHow to practice Anthony's jab step
In this ball, the defender is very close and the defense is very oppressive. Anthony made a series of trial steps, which not only distanced himself from the defenders, but also pulled out the offensive space. And his trial step makes the defender unable to judge his offensive intention and lose his defensive position
Anthony's common basketball skills the first move is now common

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