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Basketball dribbling skills

Changing direction of basketball skills without hurting the knee

2022-06-26 05:25Basketball dribbling skills
Summary: How does the rapid change of direction in basketball hurt the knee? Why do many players still use this actionEven if it hurts the knee. Basketball is inherently physical. Basketball has very high requ
How does the rapid change of direction in basketball hurt the knee? Why do many players still use this action
Even if it hurts the knee. Basketball is inherently physical. Basketball has very high requirements for people's bodies, and rapid change of direction is only a basic action. Basketball is inherently harmful to the body, so we can't avoid using this action for fear of injuryHow can basketball practice change to be excellent
Such as changing speed and direction! Such breakthroughs are very useful. If you use Changing direction of basketball skills without hurting the kneespeed and reflection, I suggest you practice cross stepping. (don't underestimate these basic skills) they are very useful in actual combat. Try it! On the skills of quick shooting and great shifting of the universe in basketball
How does basketball practice change direction
There are not many tricks to sink the center of gravity. Although people's projectile speeds are different, everyone falls at the same speed from top to bottom. Therefore, the "sink" before breakthrough can basically do this: the knees suddenly relax and the ankles tighten at the same time. If the previous full foot landing, the situation should change to the front foot landing and the upper body leaning forward at the same timeHow to play basketball without hurting your knee
The first is your own strength. If you have enough strength, you will have fewer injuries. Refer to Karl Malone. The second is appropriate warm-up activities. It's not easy to sprain after warming up. Third, buy a pair of good shoes. If there is air cushion or other shock-absorbing equipment, the damage to the knee will be very small. Fourth, we should strengthen flexibility, usuallyBasic movement of basketball changing direction
Training basketball changing direction and basic movements: 1 The rhythm of dribbling changes suddenly. Looking at the breakthrough masters at home and abroad, few people are crazy and fast-paced dribbling like playing street ball in actual combat. The correct method should be to bend your knees slightly, lift your head up, and the dribble rhythm does nChanging direction of basketball skills without hurting the kneeot need to be too fast. If the ball is good, you may not even protect the ball, but please pay attention to the ballHow to prevent knee injury in basketball
If you want to avoid injury in the process of playing basketball, you should protect your knees from these four aspects. The first thing is to do a good warm-up work. Before playing basketball, you should ensure that there is sufficient warm-up work. Doing a good job of relevant warm-up work can make you quickly enter the state of sportsOften playing basketball is the most worried about hurting the knee. What methods can protect the knee from injury
So as to avoid the knee injury caused by collision during the field movement. The knee injury in the process of playing basketball is closely related to the lack of strength of the lower limbs. If you like playing basketball at ordinary times, then targeted exercise is very necessaryHow to avoid injury in playing basketball
At least a few months to a year, so you must pay attention to rest! Resolutely oppose playing with injuries! You must learn to protect yourself from sports injuries. If you are still injured accidentally, it is also important to remember to give first aid and treatment in time. Clicking "basketball injury and protection" here may help youWhat is the key to changing direction in playing basketball
Cross step breakthrough [action method] take the right foot as the central foot as an example. Two feet left and right, two knees slightly bent, body weight reduced, between the ball and chest and abdomen. When making a breakthrough, quickly push the inside of the front sole of the left foot, turn the body slightly to the right, press the left shoulder forward, move the center of gravity to the right and front, and step out of the left foot to the right and frontPhysical education basketball teaching, changing direction
You can find more videos of them. Reading a hundred times shows its meaning, playing basketball is also one, more practice, let the body find that feeling. 3. I have finished talking about the change of direction in the original body of the follow-up action, but if I don't talk about this, many people will scold me again. Why, no breakthrough can be made by following suit
Changing direction of basketball skills without hurting the knee

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