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Basketball dribbling skills

Basketball skill training library different weights

2022-06-23 08:04Basketball dribbling skills
Summary: How to practice Kuri's shooting postureAnswer: how to practice Kuri's shooting posture? His posture is only his own, and no one can imitate it. Everyone's height and weight are different. Eve
How to practice Kuri's shooting posture
Answer: how to practice Kuri's shooting posture? His posture is only his own, and no one can imitate it. Everyone's height and weight are different. Even everyone's forearm length, calf length and thigh length are different. Every body detail determines the difference and suitability of each movementHow did curry practice so well
Curry is already one of the top players in the league. He is a popular idol. He is an epoch-making player. He redefined the three points: the original three points can still be played like this, and the three points can be played to a certain extent. It can even be said that it has changed the game of basketball. Its appearance has made the space on the court of the NBA large enough and important enoughHow to practice Kuri's shooting and shaking his wrist
Hold the basketball every day, put it on your shooting hand, fold up your armsBasketball skill training library  different weights, and constantly throw the ball up with your wrists. Remember, don't move your arms, just use the strength of your wrists, keBasketball skill training library  different weightsep practicing, and pay attention to the shooting posture when playing. I believe it will have good resultsCurry's unique basketball skills
One word: shoot. All kinds of unreasonable 3-point shooters have no temper. To tell you the truth, curry is really hung up. Now the playoff three-point ranking has surpassed Terry and ranked 11th. You know that curry has 3 points, but you just can't help it. You have a long range and a quick shot. That's greatCurry plays a difficult shot. What are the skills of shooting
How to practice Kuri's shooting posture? The most basic is strength training. Although Curry's single action shooting does not have the same physical quality as the jump shot, the necessary core strength and balance training are indispensable. In particular, there are many highly difficult jump shots in curry, which really require a lot of balance and core strengBasketball skill training library  different weightsthHow to practice Curie's shooting posture
Without professional basketball technical training and physical fitness training, it is difficult to fully master the jump shot technology. Some people can jump very well, but their bodies are not coordinated after taking off the ball, so the middle shot is usually OK. If the jump shot is 3 points, it will not reach the place, that is, it will hit the place, and it will bBasketball skill training library  different weightse inaccurate because of insufficient control over the ballHow to practice Kuri's shooting posture
4: The release method of the ball is not to push the ball by force alone, but to relax the elbow joint and shake the wrist and fingers to eject the ball while extending the arm. In this way, the ball will rotate and fly to the distance easily. Curry's shooting posture is not very special. On this basis, the palm of his hand is slightly forward. When shooting, the ball is held around the center of his eyebrowsHow does curry practice his back dribble
There are legs in front and hands on both sides. Two minutes for each group, five groups in total. When you have mastered all the above movements, try to stop (adjust) the back dribble. Back luck once, and then to the side to adjust the basketball and body. The speed in the figure is faster, so you can slow down. 10 times in each group, a total of five groupsCurie is hot on difficult shooting. Are there any skills in shooting
Dan Dan, it's not very important to practice shooting posture. You should put your shooting posture right before you can improve your shooting percentage. Therefore, we must straighten our hands and coordinate the center of gravity of our body. Master the strength and direction of basketball, so that you can greatly improve your goal hit rate
Basketball skill training library different weights

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