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Basketball dribbling skills

Fifth personality practical basketball skills two new roles &ldqu

2022-06-28 03:08Basketball dribbling skills
Summary: How can "the fifth personality" train athletes' skillsJust finished 7 days of “ Delete test ”, Netease's first self-developed survival vs. mobile game "the fifth personality
How can "the fifth personality" train athletes' skills
Just finished 7 days of “ Delete test ”, Netease's first self-developed survival vs. mobile game "the fifth personality" once again presents strong materials, two new roles “ Athlete William · Ellis ” And “ Le Roy the magician ” Your intelligence is completely unlockedWhat skills does the fifth personality have
Game skills 1 When you encounter a spider, you must dismantle the chair, because the spider is too fat and it is easy to jam the wall. After dismantling the chair, you are more likely to struggle. 2. if you don't repair for a long time, there wilFifth personality practical basketball skills  two new roles &ldqul be crows flying on your head 3 It is helpful for you to turn your vision when walking. 4 It takes two machines to refresh the cellar, 5 Don't run in a straight line when being chased by a butcherFifth personality how to use Rugby skills
How to use the fifth personality football? Rugby can be seen in our suitcases. People often drive Rugby until they can't use it. This prop is really difficult to control. There is also the skill of our forward. The football that the forward brings is the football we have found. You can use the skill with propsIn the fifth personality, what skills must the "emperor" players learn if they want to score faster
The 5th personality can be said to be a very interesting game. If the emperor players in the game want to score quickly, they must know those quick phrases. These phrases are very important. A perfect lineup and good communication can make them match seamlessly and score quicklyHow does the fifth personality batter play
The props of the fifth personality batter are a stick and a baseball. After 2 seconds of power accumulation, the batter can hit the supervisor and beat back. There are 3 balls at the beginningFifth personality skills
。 Take the survivor smashing the board and the regulator pulling the knife for example. What skills do you say are mFifth personality practical basketball skills  two new roles &ldquore about the psychological game between the two. Survivors bet you won't draw a knife, regulators bet you'll get off the board. Play more games and watch more teaching videos online. It's best to find a master who can open voice in the game to teachHow to play forward in the fifth personality
When being chased by the regulator, if the regulator follows the window, he can sprint back, stun the regulator who is turning the window, and then he can choose to turn the window again. PS: if the regulator still follows the window, we can follow the previous operation and stun each otherFifth, what are the actual combat skills to share
Game details: 1. Be familiar with the general structure of the map (the location of the invincible room is very important. I will talk about it later if the novice doesn't understand the invincible room), and the skills of all human supervisors; Fifth, share the actual combat skills of personality 2. Explore the map. When you walk against the outermost wall, your vision is the most openPersonality skills and playing methods of the fifth personality striker how to play the fifth personality striker
Play skills introduction to the fifth personality forward skills sports talent can increase the time for the board to stun the butcher. With the talent Juli, the striker can basically run away. Therefore, when passing the board, the striker must not be in a hurry and try to stun the butcher. The forward starts the motor very slowly. It's best to decode with his teammates at the beginningHow the fifth personality athletes play and use introduction
Tennis player's playing skills introduction tennis talent, carry a tennis racket with you, play tennis, make a sound at the landing point, and give the regulator a prompt of the wrong position. If you hit the supervisor, the butcher will be dizzy. The excellent talent of tennis players increases the butcher's vertigo time by 20 dashes. It is a running skill developed in tennis competitions. Stand still for 3.5 seconds
Fifth personality practical basketball skills two new roles &ldqu

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